Carrie's Photo Creations

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So I last introduced you to Gretchen, my daughters newly adopted cat.  You see my daughter will start vet school this fall so I am obviously proud of her.  As such, I will be sharing excerpts of her adventures with her pets and projects.  Speaking of projects...  While at college she has been part of a research project for pastured pigs at the organic farm. This cute little piggy is one of the piglets they had in the Spring of 2011.  They will again have new arrivals this spring.  If interested you can follow them on face book at
Michigan State Pastured Pigs


  1. Your photos are great! Now that you are snapping pics with your new camera, you will probably soon be addicted to it. It's tons of fun!

  2. Thank you Jenny! And yes I am already hooked!

    1. What wonderful pictures. Sure enjoyed them. I need to upload some myself. Have seen some nice animals while visiting the Appalachian area